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Peonies or Garden Roses?

Let's talk about peonies, ranunculus & garden roses!  

This one is directed towards all the amazing "brides to be" out there! Those ladies who are all searching for the elusive peony while keeping their budget in check! Yet,  they might be  over looking other gorgeous flowers (the flowers that don't get the "spotlight").

So, let's talk about three similar, very beautiful flowers, each different and unique in their own way!

 $ There is the understated garden rose, it is budget friendly (more so than the other two) and is very detailed center! Unlike the traditional rose, the garden rose  is larger in size and has a ornate center that creates such movement within the bouquet it is a real show stopper!  

$$Then there is the tiny but powerful ranunculus! I have heard that some people have confused the ranunculus for a peony but it is far from a peony! The ranunculus is much smaller but still has an unbelievable amount of layers to it!  
   * Did you know that the buttercup is actually apart of the Ranunculus family?

$$$Then there is the elusive, bold and beautiful peony. This flower originated overseas and was a prized and praised flower in countries like Japan and China. But, for all of those brides looking for a classically beautiful flower, this it. Due to the fact that it originated over seas, it makes it a bit pricier to purchase in the states! So, if this flower falls into your "MUST HAVE" list, save a little room in your budget for it!! 
     Freeze Dried or Pressed: Check & Check! These come out beautiful!! Probably our FAVORITE!! 

When it comes to shipping your petals and having your flowers turned into custom jewelry, there is NO wrong answer!  Whether you choose a garden rose, ranunculus or a peony, you will not be disappointed!

Good luck on your search for the perfect bouquet!!

 {This information is formed from years of experience in the field.}