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Terms & Conditions

 1. Consent

Your order serves as your consent to allow Flowers Forever designers to create your design using their best judgment and discretion within your selection and any written instructions provided by you. Please make sure to thoroughly read this page before placing your order.

2. Design

Floral preservation is custom work and subject to creative decisions made during the design stage. Our choices will be made with both your original choices and aesthetic considerations for the production of a quality product.

3. Payments & Charges​

All flowers accepted and preserved by Flowers Forever become our property until all charges associated with preservation are paid in full.

All payments are non-refundable once we have begun the preservation process.

We are required to collect sales tax on purchases made by all South Carolina residents. We will not collect sales tax for non-South Carolina residents. Consult applicable tax laws in your state for online or out-of-state purchases.

4. Refunds / Design Changes

All sales are final and no returns or refunds will be given under any circumstances. However, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Any changes or modifications to your original selections or design may require additional labor, materials, and shipping charges. Changes to design or orders may delay your tentative completion date.

It is your responsibility to confirm your design specifications with us prior to the commencement of the preservation and design process. If you are unsatisfied with your order you have 30 days after the receipt of your completed order to contact Flowers Forever with your concerns. You are responsible for all shipping and insurance charges to return the order to us as well as the return shipment to you.

5. Damaged or Unusable Flowers/Petals

Flowers that arrive damaged or beyond a condition that is acceptable for preservation will not be replaced without your consent and approval. Any additional charges for replacement flowers will be added to your balance.

6. Returned Checks / Rejected Payments

All returned checks or rejected payments are subject to a $36.00 fee.

7. Shipping

Your custom design selections will be shipped to the address that you specify during the Shipping process. If you are shipping to more than one address, additional shipping charges will apply. If you anticipate moving before your order is completed, please contact us with your new shipping address to avoid additional shipping charges due to returned or forwarded delivery.