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How To Ship Your Flowers & Materials

After placing your order, the next step is to send us your flowers and other materials to begin the preservation process. Care must be taken to ensure that we receive your flowers and materials in suitable condition. Read on to learn more!

How To Mail Whole Blooms

How To Mail Flower Petals

How To Mail A Full Bouquet

How To Mail Ashes

** Mailing Enclosure Form **

You must include this form so that we can identify your flowers when received.

Additional Mailing Information

  1. You must include the Mailing Enclosure Form with your shipment.
  2. NO NEWSPAPER, WET PACKS or PLASTICS. Plastic in the box will cause your flowers to mold and we will not be able to use them. Please do not wrap flowers in wet paper towels. Keep all packing materials dry.
  3. In the warmer months please ship next day, in the cooler months 2-3 day is fine.
  4. We are closed on Saturdays & Sundays and will not receive flowers until the following Monday.
  5. Before shipping, keep flowers in a cool dry place. Recut stems and keep in fresh water until shipped.
  6. We cannot use succulents.

Other Information

Our average turnaround time is 10-12 weeks from the time we receive your flowers/other materials. We will send you a tentative completion date to your email as soon as we receive your flowers/materials. The tentative completion date is approximate. We reserve the right to extend this time beyond the "tentative completion date" as needed to provide you with a quality product. Once your design is completed, we will send you a tracking number to your email.  

Deliver In Person

If you are in the Columbia, South Carolina area, you can also hand deliver your flowers. Please contact us to arrange a time.

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