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How to Make Your Wedding a Day You'll Remember Forever

How to Make Your Wedding a Day You'll Remember Forever

There are a few occasions in our lifetimes that stick with us forever. Without a doubt, one of them is our wedding day. It’s the day we start our new life side by side with that special someone who makes our life brighter and happier. 

So it makes complete sense that you’d want this once-in-a-lifetime occasion to be just perfect. You want it to be a day that you look back on for years to come with countless fond memories. If you’re looking for some extra special ways to make your big day memorable, here are 4 expert tips you should follow.

Wear a Customized Piece of Jewelry

One of the most subtle but sophisticated ways to make your wedding a day you’ll remember forever is to wear a customized piece of jewelry.Personalized and handprint jewelry is a beautiful way to add an extra personal touch to your special day. There are so many different types of personalized jewelry you can choose from, so you won’t be short of ideas. 

For example, you can wear anecklace that is engraved with a word, numbers, or a phrase that is meaningful to you. Another great idea is to wear aheart-shaped necklace that bears the thumbprint of someone special, as well as initials of your choice. Or, perhaps you’d like to keep a pet who has passed away close to your heart by wearing acharm bead made out of their ashes.

Whichever design you choose, you can rest assured that your customized piece of jewelry will be something that makes your overall look and day all the more memorable. The great thing is, unlike your wedding dress, you can wear it again and again!

Showing Your Gratitude

There are so many people who will help make your big day run smoothly according to plan. From your friend who barely slept a wink to make your cake just perfect, to your mother-in-law who has lent her support to you even in the most stressful of moments, you and your partner both have many people to be grateful for. 

What makes their efforts even more amazing is that they helped out without any expectation of any reward. “Without some special people in your life pitching in, it would be all but a mission impossible to ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch,” says Angela Stringfellow fromWeddings Digest. “So why not show your gratitude by gifting them with a thoughtful thank you present?” 

The gift of giving is two-fold: it will make you feel good inside and let your loved ones know how thankful you are to them. As you’re short on time, opt for an easy but thoughtful present that can be ordered online, such as adelicious chocolate bouquet or a bottle of champagne. Writing a heartfelt note to go with the present will make it all the more meaningful.

Get Snap Happy

One of the easiest ways to make your wedding memorable is to make a record the most precious (and silly!) moments. While you have probably hired a photographer, that doesn’t mean you can let your guests join in on the fun! 

Placing disposable cameras on each table at the reception or even buying a couple of Polaroid cameras to share around will ensure you’ll have tons of photos to relive your special day. There are so manyinexpensive photography ideas to put into action if you think outside of the box.

The beauty of getting your guests to take some photos as well means you’ll not only get more refined photos from your photographer, you’ll also get more candid and spontaneous ones from the people you love most. If you want to take this idea to the next level, consider hiring a photo booth as well!

Make it Your Own

With so much wedding info available online, it can be tempting to think your wedding should pan out and look a certain way. It doesn’t help that social media is filled not only with “perfect” celebrity weddings as well as countless photos of your friends’ weddings. 

It’s no wonder so many people feel pressured to say yes to a wedding they’re not entirely happy with. Don’t be that person! Your wedding should essentially be a reflection of you and your partner. It should be memorable for all the right reasons, after all! Making your wedding your own can be as simple as saying “no” to suggestions you don’t feel comfortable with and “yes” to elements you really want. Don’t be afraid to speak up—it’s your special day, after all!

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