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Custom Jewelry & Keepsakes

At Flowers Forever, our designers carefully handcraft each piece of jewelry to match your vision. We create a unique piece of art for you, or perfect gifts for that special someone.

We offer beautiful resin necklaces, colorful bracelets, earrings, and even full jewelry sets to compliment any outfit.

Our distinctive resin beads are beautiful additions to any jewelry set and durable enough to last for years to come.

Transform your memories into priceless works of art and hold on to cherished moments for the rest of your life.

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Our charm beads are all lovingly handmade with your own flower petals or the remains of a loved one for a truly unique work of art. Each bead is handcrafted to create a beautiful, custom design, full of personalized color and cherished memories.


We can design several varieties ofjewelry and decor from your preserved flowers, such as:

  • Charm Beads & Bellabeads
  • Pendants, Earrings, Rings, & Necklaces
  • Floral paperweights & Coasters
  • Keepsakes & Memorial Beads

Each requires a different amount of material to work with, so remember to check the description when planning your order. Our flower petal resin initials, for example, are crafted from five or six whole blooms, while we need fewer than a half-dozen petals to craft an Ashli pendant or a fresh flower memorial bracelet.


We set every handcrafted Bellabead in a polished sterling silver or golden finish. Each one has colorful styling based on the detailing of your precious memory. These range in size depending upon the piece chosen. 


Choose from our wide variety of different bracelets to preserve your flowers or loved one for years to come. Whether using a fresh arrangement, flowers saved from long ago, or the remains of a family member, friend, or beloved pet, each and every bracelet comes handmade, with color and styling dependent upon your memento and preference.


We use handcrafted Bellabeads mounted on either sterling silver or gold finishes. On your choice of base, we perform the delicate task of forming your precious materials into beautiful, colorful earrings that you can wear any day of the year to remember your loved one or special moment.


Our gold and sterling silver rings have handcrafted mountings that hold rounded Bellabeads thoughtfully crafted from your own flower petals or the remains of your loved one. Remember your special occasion or family member fondly whenever you look at your hand, with delicate filigree in the finish of your choosing.

Can you design multiple pieces for a Jewelry Set?

We also offer full jewelry sets to commemorate any occasion. With a few extra blooms, we can craft a personalized set of earrings, along with a pendant necklace and bracelet to match. Each piece compliments the other with brilliant colors that reflect your special flowers.

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