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RINGS- Flower Petal & Cremation Jewelry

Memorial Rings 

Our gold and sterling silver rings have handcrafted mountings that hold rounded Bellabeads thoughtfully crafted from your own flower petals or the remains of your loved one. Remember your special occasion or family member fondly whenever you look at your hand, with delicate filigree in the finish of your choosing.

Fresh Flower Memorial Rings

Using modern techniques and classic elegant design, the team of artists freeze-dry your fresh flowers, then use them to create a stunning ring, so that you can keep the memory of your special event close by at all times.

Flower Restoration Memorial Rings

Our team of artists have developed a unique method for restoring and recoloring old and dried out petals.  If you have flowers from a special occasion that happened days, weeks, months, or even years ago, our jewelers can restore them to their original beautiful state and create a new keepsake ring for you to cherish for years to come.

Cremation Ash Memorial Rings

We have also developed a manner to preserve the memory of your dearly departed by using cremation ashes to create memorial rings.  This way you can keep the love you shared close at hand.

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