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4 Fun Food Inspirations for Your Wedding

1. Fit Your Menu to Your City

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because it’s a wedding your choices are limited to steak and/or chicken. Try a menu that’s a little unorthodox but fits either your city, your wedding season or both! If you’re having a wedding in Philadelphia in the Spring, why not try a build-your-own cheesesteak bar? Live in Southern California, try a selection of delicious Mexican food. If you live in neither of those places but like those foods, go for it! There are a million handbooks telling you how to plan A wedding but none saying how to plan your wedding so open your mind to ideas out of the ordinary.

2. Have a Signature Drink

Note before reading on that this does not have to be a cocktail. Although most signature drinks tend to be alcoholic, that doesn’t have to be the case. If someone you know brews some great birch beer or kombucha, those are also great options. The allure of a signature drink is similar to that of a unique menu; it sets your wedding apart.

3. Have a Bar

It seems obvious that any wedding will have a bar, (hopefully an open one) but try a different kind of bar. A candy bar, an ice cream sundae bar, a dessert bar with to go boxes or bags. These can not only be fun for adults and kids alike but can be used in lieu of a large wedding cake. Many couples who choose an alternative dessert option still have a small and usually much less expensive “cutting cake.” Have your cake and eat everything else too! It’s a win-win and you can put that extra money toward your honeymoon!

4. Food as a Favor

If your vendor or venue allows it, (most will) consider some personalized cookies to take home, or even a cupcake in a small box. Sometimes people aren’t always in the mood for cake after eating a large dinner so it’s a great way to save money and not way a large and pricey cake. Not only are both of these options beautiful but they are a delicious way to send your guests home with a treat.