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Willow Bracelet - Gold Plated

Made With Your Flowers Or Our Studio Flowers. Requires 5-6 Loose PetalsGold Plated.

Our Gold-Plated Willow Design Bracelet is inspired by the delicate elegance of the willow tree. This slender bracelet allows you to beautifully showcase one, two, or three 12mm flower petal beads alongside an initial charm. You are the designer of this unique piece of jewelry. The gold-plated chain is a refined 2mm thick and fastens securely with a lobster clasp. A 5mm round gold plated initial charm completes the personalized elegance of this piece.

Flowers petal beads are 12mm. Chain is 2mm thick.
The color of your beads is dependent on the hues of your flower petals. The result is a unique piece of jewelry that encapsulates your cherished memories.
We can craft your beads from fresh petals from recent events or dried petals from flowers you've treasured for years. Creating this bracelet requires 5-6 petals. If you're using smaller flowers like hydrangea, mum, or monkshood, consider sending a few extra blooms. We happily accept greenery and stems as well. Your petals are kept for up to 4 weeks in case of re-orders. Please note that we cannot return any flowers after they have been processed. Create your memories into a tangible piece of art with our Gold-Plated Willow Design Bracelet. This timeless keepsake allows you to carry your cherished moments close to your heart every day.

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