Sterling Silver Mia Teardrop Pendant

Made With Your Flowers Or Our Studio Flowers. Requires .

This sterling silver pendant features an open twist teardrop highlighting a handcrafted flower infused polymer clay bead positioned at the bottom of the teardrop. It is designed so that the chain slides freely and appears to 'float' along the strand.

Pendant Dimension: 33 x 14mm
Bead Dimension: 10mm
The color of the bead will depend on the color of the flowers you send and the color(s) of polymer clay you select. We can create a single-color bead or design a blend of up to 3 colors.
Flowers Needed
This pendant requires at least 5-6 petals to create. If you have smaller flowers such as hydrangea, mum, monkshood, etc., send a few more blooms. We keep your petals up to 4 weeks for any re-orders. We do not return any flowers. Beach sand may be added; 1 teaspoon is required for the design.