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Worry Stone

Discover the calming power of our Custom Flower Petal Worry Stone. Expertly crafted with your cherished flower petals, this thumb-sized relaxation stone serves as an enduring keepsake that offers tranquility and comfort whenever you need it. Gently rub the indentation with your thumb to soothe anxiety and stress. The stone comes with a safe-keeping pouch and a gift box, perfect for storage or gifting.

Our worry stones measure approximately 10 x 35 mm, making them the ideal size for handheld comfort and on-the-go relaxation.
The color of your stone will reflect the hues of your flower petals. We can blend up to three colors in one bead for a vibrant, custom look.
We can craft your worry stone from fresh petals of recent events or dried petals from flowers you've kept for years. If you wish, we can also incorporate ashes or fur/natural materials alongside your flower petals. If you are sending ashes, we require only ½ teaspoon (any unused ashes will be returned with your completed order). The creation of this item requires 4-5 petals. If you have smaller flowers such as hydrangea, mum, monkshood, etc., we suggest sending a few extra blooms. We also welcome the addition of greenery and stems. We store unused petals for up to 4 weeks for any re-orders and do not return any flowers. Embrace the soothing presence of your cherished blooms in a whole new way with our Custom Flower Petal Worry Stone. Order yours today for peace of mind at your fingertips.

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