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Affiliate Referral Program

There is a timeless elegance in preserving nature's most delicate moments.

We understand that flowers, beyond their beauty, represent memories, emotions, and milestones. At Flowers Forever, we’ve mastered the art of immortalizing these moments for eternity, and now, we are excited to invite you to be part of our journey.

Why Partner With Us?
As florists, funeral directors, wedding planners, and professionals who often bear witness to life's significant moments, you understand the profound impact flowers can have.

Whether it's a bride's bouquet, a last tribute to a loved one, or a milestone celebration, our expert floral preservation ensures that these tokens of love and remembrance stand the test of time.

Here’s What’s in It for You:

  • Referral Commission: Earn a 10% commission on every successful referral. As our affiliate, every time you introduce someone to our services and they make a purchase, you profit.
  • Exclusive Discount for Your Clients: Extend an exclusive 10% discount code to your valued customers. Not only are you providing them with our unparalleled preservation service, but you're also offering them an opportunity to save.

Become an Advocate of Eternal Beauty
The memories we help seal are precious and unparalleled. As we strive to create lasting tributes, our partnership with you can make the experience even more special for your clients. Together, let’s make memories last forever.

Join our Floral Preservation Affiliate Program today and be part of an initiative that celebrates life, love, and the enduring charm of nature.