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Personalized Picture & Handprint Jewelry

Finger Print Jewelry

Personalized fingerprint, pet nose  print, baby footprint and baby handprint jewelry. The print is actually embossed deeply into the sterling silver. These heirloom-quality charms are promised to last indefinitely. Perfect gift for new mothers, loss of a pet, friend or family member. 

Laser Photo Jewelry

The amazing resolution and crystal clarity our laser engraved photo jewelry is uncanny. They make the perfect personalized gifts for every occasion or no occasion at all. Wearable art Keep your memories close at heart. Great for Wedding photos, baby photos, BFF photos, graduation photos, vacation photos… just about anything worth remembering can be captured forever. 

How to Collect Fingerprints, Handprints, Footprints and Nose prints, ect.

There are several ways to collect prints. You may use a digital fingerprint scanner, ink pad on white paper or take a high resolution digital photo of a print from a birth certificate or other identification that uses fingerprint or footprints.
Ink pad and plain white paper. Black ink works best. Select the area of the finger that is the most interesting (any print will work, it doesn't have to be a thumbprint). It is generally the area on the pad of the thumb where the ridges swirl. Ink this area. Practice taking prints on blank white paper- lightly touch the inked surface twice and then press onto paper. Use more of a tapping motion than a rolling one. 
For handprints or footprints, ink and tap onto white paper. 
Take a high resolution digital photo of the best print. For best results, make sure there is good lighting and sharp focus.
Attach your document at check out.