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Memorial Flower Preservation - Freeze Dried Funeral Flowers

Memorial Flower Preservation

Preserving Memorial Flowers via freeze drying is a great idea! We freeze dry funeral bouquets and arrangements in our Columbia, SC shop.  Although this service is only available locally, we do offer beautiful Memorial Flower Petal Jewelry that are shipped world-wide.

Freeze Dried Funeral Flowers

The basic principle of freeze drying is a vacuum chamber that slowly extracts moisture from the flowers. Fresh flowers (must be in good condition) are flash frozen, then loaded into a freeze-drier and sealed for a period of 10 to 15 days. This process retains the original shape of the flower. Chemical enhancements are used to preserve the color of the flowers while minimizing environmental damage. The result…your flowers will retain their beauty as if frozen in time as a lasting memento. 

Find out more information on the next steps to creating a Dried Funeral Flower Design local to Columbia, SC.


   16 x 20 Freeze Dried Design, made with funeral flowers


Pressed Memorial Flower Preservation

The pressed memorial flowers are prefect for clients across the US.  Our Victorian Style flower pressed preservation pieces allow your flowers to become keepsakes and memories of your special day. Preserved flowers make a beautiful memorial or funeral keepsake.  Discover more pressed memorial flowers.

Funeral Flower Jewelry & Memorial Flowers in Resin

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