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Dealer Incentive Program

Flowers Forever & Bellabeads is dedicated to creating a Dealer Incentive Program that provides our members the ability to create timeless memories for their clients while improving their bottom line. Joining our Dealer Incentive Program can give your business a great add-on service. Don’t miss the opportunity to make that extra sale when you already have your clients in the door.


  1. Display our product and brochures in your business.
  2. Tell people about what we do and give them a special coded brochure!
  3. At checkout, the customer will enter a promo code when they spend $100 or more, they will get free shipping and a free gift. (The Double Ring Pendant)
  4. BEST PART... We pay you 10% of all the sales! The more you sell, the more you earn with our tier program.


SILVER: Buy $2500** receive 10% off all sterling silver items (5% off 24kt & 14kt gold items)

GOLD: Buy $4000** receive 15% off all sterling silver items (10% off 24kt & 14kt gold items)

PLATINUM: Buy over $4000** receive 20% off our entire website.

Joining our Dealer Program is easy! Give us a call today or email us with any questions you may have.



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