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Freeze Dried Flowers



The basic principle of freeze drying is a vacuum chamber that slowly extracts moisture from the flowers. Fresh flowers (must be in good condition) are flash frozen, then loaded into a freeze-drier and sealed for a period of 10 to 15 days. This process retains the original shape of the flower. Chemical enhancements are used to preserve the color of the flowers while minimizing environmental damage. The result…your flowers will retain their beauty as if frozen in time as a lasting memento. Due to the difficultly of shipping whole flowers completely, we can only provide this service to our local South Carolina Customers. Call us today to get started 803-779-6186.  

Shadow Boxes

Freeze Dried Shadow Box, preserved wedding flowers
8x10 Shadow Box

Wedding Bouquet Flowers set in an 8x10 Shadowbox

wedding flowers preserved in a shadow box
8x10 Wedding bouquet dried, preservation

8 x 10 Freeze Dried

8x10 Freeze Dried Wedding flower keepsake


11x14  Freeze Dried

11 x 14 Wedding Bouquet Preserved

12 x 16 Freeze Dried

12x16 Freeze Dried Design
Wedding Bouquet Flowers, Freeze Dried 12 x 16
Freeze Dried Shadow Box, preserved wedding flowers

16 x20 Freeze Dried

12 x 16 freeze dried flower design


16 x 20 Freeze Dried Flowers
Wedding flowers preserved in a keepsake, dried flowers

11 x 14 Freeze Dried Wedding Bouquet

 Round Flower Ornament, Freeze Dried

Freeze Dried Ornament