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Flower Petal Jewelry

Flowers Forever started as a flower preservation business in 1994 by the current owner Cristina Segarra.  At the time she was the only employee and she was honing her skills by creating beautiful keepsakes out of her customer’s wedding bouquets.  Now, over twenty years later, Flowers Forever and Bellabeads (a division of Flower Forever) has flourished into a lovely, fully staffed store in Columbia, South Carolina and a website that allows her to offer her services to clients all over the world.

Bellabeads uses their customer’s own flower petals from a special occasion to create stunning one of a kind jewelry pieces.  Each one is handcrafted on site and custom tailored to the individual customer’s desires.  These unique flower petal jewelry pieces make amazing keepsakes that you can wear with pride, give as gifts, or hand down as heirlooms throughout future generations.

Fresh Flower Petal Jewelry

When you send us fresh flower petals from a wedding day, holy communion, graduation, anniversary, father’s/mother’s day, birthday, memorial, funeral, bar/bat mitzvah, baptism, quinceañera, or any other special occasion, we photograph them, catalog them, and then freeze-dry them in order to maintain maximum color retention.  Your flowers are then turned into a malleable paste which is used to form swirled or marbleized beads which can then be inserted into your choice of jewelry.

Flower Petal Restoration Jewelry

Whether your flowers have just started to wither, or they’ve been sitting around for years, our team has the skills to take your old flowers and recolor and restore them to their original splendor.  Or, if you’d like to keep them just the way they are, we can create lovely sepia colored pieces out of dried petals.

If you have any questions about our flower petal jewelry please feel free to take a look at our FAQ page, or give us a call at 803-779-6186 or toll free at 888-684-3837!