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Floral Preservation

Custom Floral Preservation, Jewelry and Keepsakes

Experiences last a moment. Now, memories can last a lifetime.

Turn your memories into priceless works of art and keep them vibrant forever. At Flowers Forever, we transform your flowers into personal keepsakes that stand the test of time.

Whether it’s a flower preserved in a beautiful resin necklace or a bouquet turned into a work of art for your mantle, we carefully craft your floral treasures to give them new life for years to come.

We make sure that your special day will live on in memory and be forever cherished with a keepsake unlike any other.


Modern Pressed Floral Preservation
Flower Petal Monograms
Flower Petal Jewelry
Resin Flower Preservation


How Do I Place an Order and Ship Materials for Jewelry & Resin Keepsakes?

The process is easy. Please see ourFAQsfor details.

What styles of flower preservation do you offer?

We offer four styles of flower preservation: Pressing, Freeze Drying, Monograms, and Resin Jewelry & Keepsakes. 

Modern Flower Pressing (local service only)

From the Victorian era to the present day, the art ofpressed floral preservation has come to include more modern techniques. With these improved means of drying flowers, we’re now much better at preserving and retaining a petal or bloom’s distinct colors.

At Flowers Forever, we delicately transform your floral arrangement into a beautiful work of art, sure to be treasured and preserved for generations to come.

Please check our FAQ onhow to package and mail materials.

Flower Petal Monograms (local service only)

Once a mark of nobility, monograms are now loved by people around the world. Ourpreserved flower monograms always embody a unique sense of personality and attention to detail.

With our proprietary method, we handcraft exquisite designs with a simplicity and grace all their own.

Flower Petal Jewelry (ships worldwide)

We make several styles of preserved flower jewelry beads. We offer beads (or stones) that take their colors from your flower petals, or petals themselves suspended in transparent resin for a timeless, magical effect.

For the bead jewelry we marbleize the pieces in up to three different colors, while a solid bead or stone shows off the flower color itself within. For another option, we can suspend your precious flower petals in resin for a clear, almost glass-like look.

Separately or together, these beads can be crafted intopieces of jewelry or a full jewelry set to commemorate any occasion. With a few extra blooms, we can craft a personalized set of earrings, along with a pendant necklace and bracelet to match. Each piece looks beautiful on its own while complimenting the others with brilliant colors that reflect your special flowers.

What Else Can You Do With My Flowers?

We can design several varieties ofjewelry and decor from your preserved flowers, such as:

  • Charm Beads & Bellabeads
  • Pendants, Earrings, Rings, & Necklaces
  • Floral paperweights & Coasters
  • Keepsakes & Memorial Beads
How Long Will It Take to Preserve My Flowers?

Our average turnaround time for Jewelry Designs is 6-8 weeks and select Resin Designs may take up to 16-20 weeks. We will send you a tentative completion date as soon as we receive your materials. 

Production time can vary based on what process and presentation style you select. See ourproduction time FAQ for details.