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Dog Cremation Jewelry

What do you do, where do you go, when you’re about to say goodbye to your dog? He or she has been your friend for years, giving unconditional love when you needed it the most. How do you find comfort when the buddy that’s been by your side is no longer there? The answer may never be clear, so you should take time to grieve and reflect on the life change before you.

Many owners struggle with the time just after their dog has passed. It all seems so sudden, even if they were falling ill or of old age. When the time finally comes, it never feels real. And unlike other funerals, you don’t have time to prepare. One moment he’s gone, and the next it’s as if the memory is supposed to go away forever too. But the grieving process never works in an instant. You have to take care of yourself, by allowing emotions to run their course as you slowly move on.

Who knows why dogs have such a fond place in our hearts. It could be their unique personalities, or their unending loyalty, despite our problems in the human world. No dog ever lets their owner feel unloved, which is why we feel special empathy for anyone who has recently suffered a loss.

The founded of Flowers Forever, Christina Segarra, has been a dog owner for years. Her two current cuddly pets work with our office staff, bring joy to our customers when they are missing their dogs. Chloe and Chichi inspired Christina to offer a line of jewelry specially made for dog cremations.

The ashes are turned into a paste, which is artistically molded into a bead of one more colors. You can choose the style of pendant that best suits your dog, and order it online. You’ll receive instructions on how to send the ashes to our store, and a customer service member will walk you through any additional steps.

Once we receive the ashes, our jewelers and artists will begin working on your custom piece immediately. Because all our items are handmade and one-of-a-kind, it may take up to ten weeks to have your necklace sent in the mail. But we will notify you as soon as it ships!

We are glad you’ve taken the time to grieve, and plan a way to celebrate your dog’s life in a way that’s both memorable and unique. If you’d like to start shopping our pet memorial jewelry selection, clickhere.