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Dog Ashes Jewelry

Take a look at the timeline of you and your dog. Remember her first day in your home, where everything was new and and exciting for both of you? What about the first time he tore up your shoes, or your nice living room sofa? Pets teach us to forgive and forget! Remember all the walks in your neighborhood, and the nights where the two of you snuggled on the couch.

It’s a blessing to have a dog in your life, because their friendship lasts a lifetime. But, with every gift there comes an end, or a transition from life to something beyond. Your dog has passed, and you may feel as if your whole world is turned around. What can you do when the one animal who used to comfort you is no longer there?

If losing a dog were easy, we would never have them in our lives in the first place. The joy of pet ownership comes from that deep emotional bond. It comes from the knowledge that no matter what, your dog loved you. He loved you in the bad times, and uplifted your heart in the good times. And her memory will leave a mark on your heart forever.

What hurts us the most as people, is that we can never fully tell our pets how much we loved them. The only way to express it is by our actions, how we treat our dogs and welcome them into our homes. When they pass, it’s as if something was missing, and we wish we could've told them all that we felt over the years.

The companionship shared with your pet doesn’t have to stop when you say goodbye. You can hold onto those precious memories, by creating a commemorative keepsake with your pet’s ashes. Flowers Forever was inspired by the many stories of pet loss from our customers to offer a service that does just that. We handcraft beads made from pet ashes, and celebrate the life of all the furry friends that touched our hearts.

Flowers Forever takes your dog’s ashes, and turns them into a unique bead strung onto a bronze or sterling silver necklace. We offer custom dog bone or paw print charms to add to your jewelry. Choosing one of ourpet memorial necklaces gives you the chance to carry your dog’s memory around with you forever. What could be a better way to show your love?

Our process is very simple, and our professional team will walk you through the steps to order, send your ashes, and receive your custom necklace. We are available by phone or email if you have any questions.

No one replaces the memory of a lost dog. But in time, your pain will heal and you can begin to laugh at the times you shared, and smile at the remembrance of the pet you loved so dearly. We wish you all the best as you grieve, and hope that the service at Flowers Forever can help you to commemorate your dog.