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Cremation Jewelry Rings

The loss of life is one of the most difficult human experiences to deal with.  The departure of a loved one can leave us wondering how we will ever fill the hole that their absence has left inside us.  Luckily we are able to use the memories of shared joys in a lifetime lived together to provide comfort in these difficult times, and use the love left by our dearly departed to create a hopeful future.

Flowers Forever has been memorializing special occasions for over two decades.  What started as a single employee business preserving wedding bouquets has flourished into a fully staffed flower preservation business, and with the addition of Bellabeads, we now have a team of highly skilled artists that create beautiful memorial jewelry using flower petals from special occasions and/or cremation ashes.

A ring made from cremation ashes is a lovely way to memorialize the beauty of your dearly departed.  These treasured keepsakes work to preserve the memories of loved ones, and can be passed down through the generations.  They also make beautiful and sentimental gifts that can provide comfort for those grieving.

Using specialized techniques that have been perfected over the years, our team of 5 artisan jewelers handcrafts each one of our unique orders.  We have dozens of designs to choose from, and will create a beautiful, one of a kind ring using the flower petals and/or ashes that you send to us.  Just tell us the colors you’d like to see and include any special instructions and we’ll be able to create the perfect memorial jewelry piece for you.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us any time!