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Cremation Beads

Saying goodbye is the most difficult thing that we have to experience in our lives.  When a loved one leaves us, it’s easy to feel abandoned and hopeless.  However, the memories of the lifetime you shared will always be there to provide comfort and hope for a bright future.  Honoring those memories is one of the ways we cope with loss, and use the lessons that love has taught us to become a better person while we move forward with our lives.

Flowers Forever has been in the business of memorialization for over 20 years.  What started as a one-employee business that freeze-dried wedding bouquets has now expanded, and with the addition of our Bellabeads division, become a fully-staffed flower preservation and memorial jewelry company.  Our personalized services, along with our attention to detail is what has kept us in business for over two decades.

We have developed a unique process that is able to incorporate the cremation ashes of your dearly departed into a stunning and one of a kind bead.  You can send us flowers from the service in addition to the ashes, and give us any special instructions so that we create the perfect piece for you.  These beads are precious keepsakes that can be passed down through generations.  They also make beautiful and sentimental gifts for friends and family grieving their loss.

Each piece is handcrafted by our team of 5 skilled artisan jewelers custom made to your specifications.  Take a look at our products online, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us today!