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Cat Memorial Jewelry

Losing the life of your pet can be a surprisingly painful experience. Your cat leaves a pawprint on your heart forever, ones which will always remain even as time passes. Those precious memories will last forever, bringing a smile to your face, and warmth to your heart.

Even when your cat passes away, you’ll always want to hold onto the memory you have of him or her. You may keep his favorite blanket, or pictures of her as a kitten. We encourage pet owners to take time to grieve the loss of their pet, and consider ways in which they can commemorate the companionship shared and cherished.

The jewelers and artists at Flowers Forever can create a keepsake of your pet, so that you never have to leave him or her behind. You should take time to grieve, but also consider taking time to celebrate the life of your cat, as you shared so much joy together.

No two animals are the same. We know that your pet will be missed, and we respect your wish to have their remains protected with the care of a professional service. When you send your ashes or hair from your cat, we take the time to craft a piece of jewelry that is as unique as the personality of your cat. We will keep your cat’s ashes or hair safe in our store, and will send back to you a lovely piece of jewelry that resembles the joy they brought to your life.

Our process involves creating a paste from the ashes or hair, and molding it into a unique bead that can be added to any piece of jewelry from our store. We have a variety of pieces to shop from, suited to you and your cat’s style. Our customers especially like thepet memorial oval pendant for their cat memorial jewelry.

If you have questions about our process, products, or services, call us at888-684-3837. We are happy to explain what makes Flowers Forever unique, and can help you find the perfect way to commemorate your cat’s life forever.