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Cat Cremation Jewelry

Do you remember the first day you held your kitten? Do you remember the days when she would never come out from her favorite hiding place, or when he would snuggle on your lap as you quietly read in the mornings? And what about the times when your cat would run to the door when you came home, because they only wanted to see you after a long day?

Pets hold a special place in our hearts. We never realize how special they are to us until, unfortunately, we no longer have the chance to be with them. When your cat passed away, did you want to hold onto his or her memory forever?

Many owners decide to have their pet cremated in order to preserve the lasting remembrance of their friend. This can be a method of coping, or a special way to hold onto your cat’s memory in the household after he or she has passed. Ashes last longer than a stone in the backyard, and you can plan a special commemoration that defines you and your cat’s bond over the years.

When we say goodbye to our pets, we want to keep the joyful memories rather than the memories of their passing. No one could replace the smile that your cat gave to you everyday, but we want you to be able to recall their companionship with a special piece of cremation jewelry.

Flowers Forever has helped people memorialize loved ones and family pets for over twenty years. Our founder Christina Segarra opened the store to preserve flowers from special occasions, and then realized how many of her customer also wanted to keep their ashes after a loved one had passed.

She did extensive research, and found a process to turn ashes and pet hair into a beautiful paste for artistic jewelry. Not only can you get a pendant with a bronze paw print or sterling silver lining, but your gem will have the same colors as your cat.

Once you send a teaspoon or a few clippings of hair from your pet, our professional artists will create a bead that reminds you exactly of your cat. We take excellent care of your pet’s ashes or hair, and within 8 to 10 weeks, your necklace will be shipped right to your door.

Go ahead and shop our variety ofpet memorial jewelry. Our cat owners especially favor the pendants, with beads handcrafted and chain made of sterling silver. Please call us at 888-684-3837 if you have any question regarding the placement of an order, or the steps to shipping the ashes. Our office staff will take you through the process of turning your cat’s ashes into a lifetime keepsake.