Cat Ashes Keepsake

When your pet passes away, it’s hard to move on. Your friend and companion suddenly isn’t there to greet you in the morning with their soft purr or their sweet face. You go to feed them as part of your regular routine, only to realize that they won’t be by your feet anymore. Words can’t truly describe the pain that comes with this loss friendship.

The hardest part of losing a pet is the burial. It all seems so soon, to let go of your kitten just after the news of their passing is broken. It seems as if there is no time to grieve. This is why many pet owners choose cremation, for it allows you to prolong the process so you have time to say goodbye. The ashes are often kept in an urn, especially if your cat lived with you in the household.

We know what the grieving process is like after losing a pet. Our founder, Christina Segarra, has kept many pets over the years, at home and in our office. Her love of animals spread to her three daughters, but they all have had to deal with losing a furry friend over the years. That is why, when she discovered a way to turn ashes into jewelry, she wanted to give this gift to all pet owners who were experiencing a loss.

Christina believed pet commemoration jewelry was a better way to memorialize her family pets, especially to help her daughters overcome and accept pet loss at a young age. Turning their pets’ ashes into something beautiful seemed to help with the pain, and turn bad memories into better ones. So she did research to learn if her flower bead creation process would be applicable to cat ashes. This lead to her product line of pet memorial jewelry, where owners could keep their cuddly friends close to heart, even after they had passed.

Flowers Forever offer pet memorial jewelry for both cats and dogs. Customers with cats prefer thePet Memorial Oval Pendant. Within 8 to 10 weeks, you’ll receive your pendant of choice, and can call us at 888-684-3837 if you ever need repairs.

We hope you enjoy shopping from Flowers Forever. We offer the highest standard of memorial jewelry and quality of service. Remember, you don’t have to leave behind your memories forever.