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Large Diamond Resin Ring Holder

Please allow 6-8 weeks for production of this item

Each of our ring holders is a treasure, handcrafted with your cherished flower petals to serve as a unique and heartwarming keepsake. With its elegance and charm, this ring holder can transform your vanity or bedside table into a personalized space that whispers your most cherished memories each time you place or pick up your rings. No two are alike, each ring holder is a distinctive tribute to a precious memory, making it a beautiful gift for yourself or someone special.

Each holder measures 4" inches in length and 2" inches in width.
The final look and color of your preserved flowers depend on their age and condition upon arrival. We will dry your flowers as part of the preservation process. White flowers might dry to a cream or brown shade for a vintage look, while red roses may turn dark burgundy. Many clients appreciate this natural transformation. Some flowers may disintegrate during preservation, so we may disperse your petals throughout the design. This could make some petals appear thin, spotted, and semi-translucent, a natural consequence of immersing petals in wet resin. Small air bubbles and tiny holes in your resin keepsake are common and natural occurrences in the resin crafting process.
This piece requires 6 to 7 small flower petals to create or 10 to 12 assorted petals. We can use your fresh or dried petals. For smaller flowers, please provide a few extra blooms. We store unused petals for up to 4 weeks for any re-orders and do not return any flowers

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