Pressed Flower Resin Keepsake Design

We press and preserve your flowers capturing their vibrant natural colors. This beautiful piece includes a clear acrylic easel for easy display.

We need fresh flowers, cannot used dried flowers on this design. 

Measuring 7 x 7 inches and .375" inch thick 

We press and preserve your flowers as soon as we receive them, your order will be shipped to you in approximately **12-16 weeks** but at peak times this may be longer. You will receive notification of an expected completion date once we receive your flowers.

FLOWERS MUST BE SENT AS FRESH AS POSSIBLE. All flowers can be pressed with the exception of succulents and a few thick tropical flowers. If you have any questions please contact us before placing your order.
This item requires 4-7 whole blooms, greenery and stems are encouraged. Small to Medium flower heads, average sized-roses generally fit in these. We may use individual petals if a large flower does not fit. 

Please be aware; the look and color of your flowers preserved in resin will depend on the age and condition of your flowers when we receive them. We will dry your flowers soon as they arrive.

  • White flowers may dry cream or brown portraying a vintage look.
  • Some flowers fall apart during preservation; we will then float your petals throughout the design. These loose petals are thin and sometimes seem spotted and translucent. This is a natural result of petals submerged in wet resin. 
  • Expect some air bubbles and small holes in your resin keepsake. This is a natural and common occurrence with resin. 
  • If you are sending in shells or a laminated picture keep in mind the size of the item you are purchasing. For your materials to be added to the final product we request you send in nothing larger than 2" inch by 2" inch in size.
How to Ship Your Flowers & Materials:  Click Here

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