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Love Knot Earrings

Requires 3-4 Loose Petals
Sterling Silver

Treasure cherished moments with our sterling silver love knot earrings, each featuring a dangling 10 mm bead handcrafted from your unique flower-infused clay. Capped for a polished look making them an elegant accessory for any occasion.

Beads are 10mm. The earrings measure 38 mm from top to bottom
The color of the bead will depend on the color of your flower petals. Choose a single color or up to three colors for all beads.
This piece requires 3 to 4 petals to create. We can use your fresh or dried petals. For smaller flowers, please provide a few extra blooms. We store unused petals for up to 4 weeks for any re-orders and do not return any flowers.

Clay or Resin

Some pieces are available in either Clay or Resin.

Clay is solid and swirled, creating an artistic rendition of your flowers.

Resin is clear, allowing your flowers to be seen in their natural color.

Getting Started & How It Works

1. Design Your Piece & Complete Your Purchase

2. Mail Us Your Flowers (Click Here To Learn How)

3. We Preserve Your Flowers & Create Your Piece

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