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Floral Keepsake Beveled Tealight Holder – Small

Please allow 6-8 weeks for production of this item

This one-of-a-kind keepsake holds your preserved small flowers or large flower petals, presenting them in a crystal-like appearance. The tealight arrives with a complimentary candle, ready for use or gifting, serving as a cherished token of timeless memories.

Tealight Dimensions - 1.75” inches height x 2.5” inches wide
Flower Options
  • This piece requires 4-5 small blooms or loose petals per candle.
  • We can use fresh small flowers or large loose flower petals and greenery. No dried flowers.
  • Greenery, tiny flowers, and loose stems are encouraged.
  • Please note that individual petals may be used; this item is not suitable for large flowers.
  • We do not return any flowers but keep your petals up to 4 weeks for any re-orders.
Please Read Before Purchasing

The final look and color of your preserved flowers within the resin will depend on the age and condition of the flowers when we receive them. Your flowers will be dried upon arrival. Please note the following:

  • White flowers may dry to a cream or brown color, imparting a vintage appearance.
  • Some flowers may fall apart during preservation, in which case we will disperse your petals throughout the design.
  • The loose petals are thin and may appear spotted and translucent, a natural result of petals submerged in wet resin.
  • Small air bubbles and holes are a common occurrence in resin keepsakes and should be expected.

Getting Started & How It Works

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