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Organic Charm Bead, Round

Celebrate life's special moments with our organic clay large hole beads, handcrafted from your raw, natural dried flowers without any added color enhancements. The innate beauty of your flowers is preserved, creating an authentic memento that mirrors the natural colors of your cherished memories. These distinctive beads, perfect for personal keepsakes or thoughtful memorial gifts, are designed to fit all popular and high-end charm bracelets, like Pandora. Each bead features a sterling silver grommet with a 5 mm opening.

Bead sizes may vary, typically falling between 12-14 mm. Please note, all beads are handmade and unique.
We honor the natural hues of your materials; no additional color is added. Be aware that not all flowers or natural materials are suitable for this bead. If your materials are light-colored, gray, or brown, their visibility in the bead might be limited.
We typically need 4-5 petals per bead. For smaller flowers like hydrangeas, mums, or monkshood, send a few additional blooms. Greenery and stems are also welcome. We will retain your petals for up to 4 weeks in case of re-orders. Please note, we do not return any flowers. We can incorporate fresh or dried petals, fabric, ashes, or any other natural materials. If sending ashes, fur, or sand, we require a ¼ teaspoon per bead (unused materials will be returned with your completed order).

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