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Why Wear Cremation Jewelry?

When a loved one passes away, cremation jewelry can be a way of keeping them close to your heart. In the past, we were not given such an opportunity to have the ones we miss the most with us wherever we go. This type of memoriam was born out of a need to respectfully memorialize the ones we have lost, providing comfort in difficult times of grief and sorrow.  It is a personal and loving way to commemorate those we miss. In these modern times, when travel is more abundant and people don’t always continue to live in one geographic area, cremation jewelry allows an individual to have a token and reminder of their love, wherever they may be.

After the passing of someone close to us, it is important to keep their memory alive. For some people, this can mean talking about them, visiting places they enjoyed to go; for others, cremation jewelry provides a way in which to do this. Each time you wear the ring or fasten the necklace, you have a moment to remember the person the jewelry represents. This makes them an ever present force within your life. It can be an item you wear every day, as a consistent reminder and to keep them with you always, or it can be something you choose not to wear; just a symbol of your love to remember them by and keep forever. Another wonderful reason to create an item of cremation jewelry is that it is everlasting.  Flowers and memories can fade, but jewelry is something tangible and real that can be felt and worn.  Jewelry can also be passed down to other family members, to continue to keep their memory alive.  

This type of jewelry is made by using freeze dried petals, which can be combined with a small amount of the ashes of you loved one if desired. This means you can use the petals of their most-loved flower or from the arrangement at their memorial. This can be further personalized by adding their initials or their name. You can pick an artisan piece that lovingly honors and celebrates them as an individual; a heart pendant, or a bracelet that is engraved with their name, an angel wing pendant or a memorial keychain with an engraved monogram. Whichever piece you select will stay with you and hopefully provide you with some comfort in difficult times.

Alfred Tennyson once wrote “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through that garden forever”. By creating a piece of cremation jewelry you can use flowers to create that garden and allow it to continue to grow long into you and your family’s future.