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Why Memorial Jewelry Makes the Perfect Gift

Memorial jewelry is fast becoming one of the most individual and personal ways to show others that you truly care for the important events in their life. Memorial jewelry immortalizes these specific moments in a way no other gift is able to.

This type of jewelry is made in an incredibly unique way, by using preserved flower petals from the occasion of your choice. You are able to use up to three different petal colors to create your own, personalized gift. These flower petals are then freeze dried, preserving their color, and then worked into the jewelry of your choice. This could be any number of different items or styles.

For important events in our lives, we often mark them with jewelry; 16th, 18th and 21st birthday, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, weddings. Of course, there are many ways to personalize jewelry; by having inscriptions and monograms for example, or choosing a stone of their favorite color. When something is personalized there is an extra layer of thought; no longer is it a cold piece of metal, it is an item that holds real thought and care. Memorial jewelry is a step further into making a unique and special gift – such as an elegant bracelet that is lovingly designed to incorporate the petals of your wife’s wedding bouquet, with both of your names engraved upon it.    

Charm bracelets are a contemporary and fashionable way to capture a memory. The best thing about this type of bracelet is that it can continue to be added to in years to come. Imagine buying it for your daughter; the first charm being flowers you received on her birth, the second flower from her christening, all the way through to the bouquet she throws on her wedding day – every significant event in her life not only immortalized but all together on one piece of jewelry; a timeline of her life. An elegant set of monogrammed earrings using the bunch of flowers your mother received on her 25th wedding anniversary, a heart of an angel pendant using the memorial petal from your father’s funeral, an elegant filigree heart carefully constructed from the petals in your honeymoon suite….the possibilities are endless.

Memorial jewelry really is one of the most personal and thoughtful gifts you can give to show a loved one they mean the world to you. It can celebrate everything you have done together, or the central moments of their lives, documenting them in an aesthetic and breathtaking manner they will never forget – what could be a more perfect gift.