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What to Do When You Lose a Family Pet

When you have a pet it’s like adding another lovely part to your beautiful and growing family. Here at Flowers Forever we understand the ways in which a pet quickly becomes a staple part of the family and an animal you no longer could picture your life without. This makes the idea of losing them all the more difficult to endure. In the wake of losing a family pet it can seem impossible to move forward and like a piece of your heart is missing. What to do when you lose a family pet isn’t something that can be explained in a few easy steps, but here at Flowers Forever we hope to make it a little bit easier to endure.

Commemorating your pet is something that many pet owners hope to find a way to do. With our special technology, this is now entirely possible. We can infuse the ashes of your pet into beautiful designs of memorial jewelry that you and your family will be able to cherish for years to come. Not only will you be able to have your pick of styles, but should you also want to add a pop of color to your design, you can choose a flower petal to have infused with the ashes as well. Keeping the vibrant life of the pet you loved alive in your heart forever.

Having tangible ways of remembering pets who have passed on may not entirely ease the pain that comes with losing them, but hopefully, it offers us an avenue to find healthy ways of coping with the loss. Knowing that they may be gone, but will never be forgotten and forever loved by you and your family is a wonderful feeling to have. At Flowers Forever, we hope to help you begin your healing process today.