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What important events inspire our jewelry?

Life is composed of little moments. Bits of time during which we make connections, fall in love, accomplish a goal, lose someone who meant the world to us, and many other things. During these moments it is unlikely that the first thing you’ll think of is finding a way to preserve the memory forever. Instead of worrying about how to make the moment last forever, enjoy it in itself knowing that Flowers Forever has you covered.

Here at Flowers Forever it is our goal to make your most treasured memories transform into physical keepsakes that you’ll be able to hold close to your heart for years to come. Our artists spend hours delicately hand crafting the beads that are used for your keepsakes and take care into assembling each piece of jewelry.

Many people ask what important events inspire our jewelry? Some of the biggest happenings that Flowers Forever has been asked to create keepsakes for are weddings, funerals, memorials and graduations. All of those events are gigantic milestones in a persons’ life and with our help, you’ll be able to have a tangible representation that you can wear regularly.

The process of creating your keepsake is fairly easy on your end. All you have to do is send in the flower petals that you would like infused into the jewelry, choose your piece, and we’ll do the rest. With so little to fuss about on your end, you’ll be able to spend more time in the moment and less time worried about preserving it.

With many different options of keepsake jewelry to choose from, your biggest worry will be narrowing your choices down. The pieces offered at Flowers Forever are wonderful for anniversary gifts as well. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary and you’re sending in the flowers from the bouquet you pressed between book pages all those years ago, or it’s the anniversary of a loved one’s passing and you’re sending in their favorite flower, the memorial jewelry is a gift that will stand the test of time.

Here at Flowers Forever we understand how important it is to handle each situation with care and we do our best to ensure each customer is receiving exactly what they wished. We now even offer a portion where you can design your own piece of jewelry if you’re looking for that extra personalized touch.

For more information on how to start creating your memorial jewelry today please visit Flowers Forever at You’ll never have to worry about remembering monumental events again.