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Traveling with your Jewelry – Everything you Need to Know

So you are off on the vacation of a lifetime and want to make sure you look a million dollars every single day. Of course, you want to bring some of your most beloved jewelry with you – after all no look is complete without them; however you certainly don’t want to damage or lose them in the process. Take a look at our top tips for traveling with jewelry so you’re always in the know and you never have to leave your cherished treasures at home again.

  1. Pick a button or two– an ingenious way to transport earrings of course! And luckily most coats and jackets come with a spare. Simply affix the earrings into the holes in the button, securing them behind. You will never lose and earring in a suitcase again!
  2. Straws – yes that’s right, plastic straws. Another easy item to find, use the straws to thread your necklaces through and avoid them becoming tangled – everyone’s worst nightmare!
  3. Vacuum – much in the same way you can vacuum pack food and meat, you can do the same with your jewelry. This makes sure items don’t become tangled and makes for easy and economical packing.  
  4. Plates – No, not the kind made from china – think more Styrofoam. You can easily make holes to pop your earrings in, and slits around the circumference edge for your necklaces and bracelets. Place the plate in a sealable bag and you’re good to go.
  5. Daily pill box – these a great idea because they have so many different compartments so nothing will become lost and you can keep your earrings and rings in uniform groups. Certainly a choice for the more organized among us.
  6. Sealable cups – this is a good choice for larger, chunky items.
  7. Travel jewelry case – Finally, if you are an avid traveler who loves jewelry, then why not shell   out for an object that you will get great use out of. There are numerous different options depending on your need, and it makes sense if you find yourself constantly worrying about damaging or losing your favorite items.    

Remember, it is always preferable to keep your jewelry in your carry-on as opposed to your checked luggage when flying; it is better to be safe than sorry. Also only ever take as much jewelry as you need – it is not worth to risk dragging you entire jewelry box with you, plus then you always have the excuse to buy more whilst you’re there!