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Top Tips on Caring for your Jewelry

Of course one of the main reasons we choose jewelry is its aesthetic value – but that is certainly not the only one. Jewelry is an expression of your personality; it becomes a part of you. As a gift it is something that an individual who cares for you has thoughtfully chosen. It can be one of the most personal presents you can give or receive.

For something that holds so much importance, we can all be a little guilty of forgetting to periodically care for these adored tokens. You wash your clothes, you care for your hair, and you polish your shoes…surely your jewelry should cared for just as much– if not more!

So what are a few top tips when it comes to the basics of caring for your beloved items?

  1. Take it off! – Yes, you love your necklace your children bought you for your birthday, but you do still have to unfasten that clasp every now and again – especially if you’re unknowingly causing damage.  Tasks like cleaning and gardening may expose your jewelry to chemicals that cause tarnishing or harm. The same goes for when you’re doing your make-up/hair. If your jewelry is removed you can ensure it stays in top shape.  Finally, if you’re an avid swimmer or enjoy an occasional trip to the spa, again leave your precious items in your locker to avoid any mishaps.
  2. Clean it! – It seems like a no-brainer, after all your jewelry is exposed to the elements more than anything else you wear (apart from perhaps your shoes) but we often forget that your jewelry also needs some TLC every now and again. The type of cleaning you need to do and how often is dependent on the type of jewelry, however general rules such as using jewelry polishing cloths and warm water, apply to pretty much all types. Your best bet is to do some research into the stones and metal you wish to clean.
  3. Repair it! – If a part of the item breaks all is not lost! Many jewelers are qualified and able to seamlessly fix and restore your precious article to its former glory – maybe even make it stronger. For an important piece prevention is the best defense: get your jewelry regularly checked and maintained by a trusted professional who will treat it with the care it deserves. Make sure to research into reviews of local jewelers to find the perfect one for you.
  4. Storing it –Finally, if you need to store/transport your jewelry, then you need to again take a great deal of care so as not to cause unnecessary damage. Store it in a fabric-lined container and try to not put too many items together, so as not to have pieces bashing into one another.

Follow these tips and your jewelry will be sure to shine for years to come!