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Top Jewelry Trends for Spring and Summer

With every season, women and men’s fashion changes. New accessories help your own unique style evolve and reflect your personality. What is trending can make a big impact on how we express ourselves in daily life, through fashion, accessories and personal style.These are the top trends for 2017’s spring and summer:

Artistic Earrings - Small studs are fading out of style, and are being replaced by larger, more extravagant styles. Designers are creating a variety of new styles that stray from the traditional studs and dangling earrings. They are also incorporating a wider variety of color into their styles for a more eclectic look. You can mix up your earring style by trying bright colors and unique shapes. And if you don’t have your ears pierced, you can still join in with ear cuffs of all kinds of designs.

Simplicity in Neckwear - Chokers were the winter of 2016’s most popular necklace style. But this spring, designers are opting for more simplistic pendants and long-chain necklaces. These styles are delicate and artistic, which matches the spring and summer style. Try different pendants and custom charm necklaces to express your unique style. You can pair a simple necklace or chain with your summer outfits to add an air of elegance to your style.

Arm and ear cuffs - Cuffs and bands have been popular for years because they are simple yet very stylish. You can see plenty of celebrities accessorizing with arm and ear cuffs in this summer’s runways. Try gold and silver arm cuffs for a simple style, or jeweled cuffs for more of a statement piece. Beaded cuffs are also popular. You can add custom charm beads and monograms to your arm cuffs for a customized style.

Eclectic rings - Decorative rings are making another comeback. In past seasons, gemstone rings were the top design for fashion rings, but now stylists are incorporating unique styles to rings as they do necklaces and bracelets. You can find rings of all shapes and sized, companies that let youdesign your own. If you’re looking for a way to accessorize without going over-the-top, try out multiple rings, mixing and matching them to suit your style.

Nature-Inspired Jewelry - With summer and spring comes more chances to enjoy the great outdoors. Nature-inspired jewelry is trending, especially natural stone and evenflower petal jewelry. You can custom-order jewelry made from your favorite fresh flowers. This style allows you to have a piece of jewelry that’s totally unique to you. Plus, you can choose your favorite color or combination of colors to design your flower petal jewelry.

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