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To My Furry Family Member,

You were with me from the day you were old enough to leave your litter and mother. I nursed you and took you to get vaccinated. I was appalled at how such a tiny animal could quickly become a tiny terror to my garden and toilet paper. The days I came home from a long day at work to toilet paper confetti decorating my living room were irritating at the time, but a fun memory now.

When we brought our first born home, you took her in like one of your own. You alerted me when she was unsettled or you smelled, before I could, that she needed a diaper change. After long days of watching after her, you were my favorite one to cuddle with on the couch and dependable to binge watch my favorite reality TV drama.

The days when you started growing older, you couldn’t keep up with the kids like you wanted to but you still tried your best. No longer able to make it painlessly up the stairs, we all took turns to carry you up for the night so you could defend us from things that go bump in the night. Our endearing protector, defender of the scariest nightmares.

Our dinner table conversations often now revolve around memories of you. For 16 years, you were the best furry-born we could ask for and everyone’s favorite family member on our holiday card. No one could replace you and the love your heart held for us. We will love you forever, our furry family member.