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The Meaning behind Memorial Jewelry


Memorial jewelry has grown in popularity immeasurably of late, and with good reason. There is no gift that could be more personal than a piece of jewelry which encapsulates a moment of your or your loved ones life. Discover the wonderful meaning behind creating an item that represents those loved ones we are no longer able to share our lives with, or begin a journey with your memorial jewelry by celebrating the milestones of a life just beginning.

Memorial jewelry can be a unique way of commemorating those who we hold dear and marking momentous memories in our lives. Jewelry has the magnificent talent of being able to be both an aesthetically pleasing material item and hold within it a deep emotional significance. Think about weddings, engagements, milestone birthdays, anniversaries; more often than not these events are marked with jewelry. That is because of its unique ability to hold so much meaning and represent so much more than what it appears to be. This is the reason why we have memorial jewelry. Instead of having a picture of an event, you can take it with you wherever you go and be constantly reminded of the joy you felt. Weddings, christenings, anniversaries, honeymoons, special birthdays, the birth of your child… the list is endless.

Memorial jewelry is constructed via your input every step of the way. You choose the piece of jewelry that best fits the situation: a charm bracelet for a daughter, cufflinks for your father, a pair of monogram earrings for your mother. Then you can create a bespoke handcrafted item of jewelry using flower petals from the occasion, your wedding bouquet for example. If you are creating a piece for a loved one you can use their favorite type of flower or petals from their garden or from a place of significance you have visited.  For a piece of cremation jewelry, you can also include the ashes of your loved one.

These petals (and ashes if requested) are then expertly crafted into beads, pendants, rings – whatever you chose, with the color scheme designed by you. The end result is a stunning personalized piece of jewelry that truly encapsulates and celebrates the past. Each time that person puts on that item their memory will be jogged, reminding them of the adoration they felt on holding their first child or the love they felt marrying their partner. It is so much more than just a piece of metal with flower petals. It holds within it a sentiment, a memory and a moment.