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Story Jewelry

When searching for keepsakes and jewelry that you can treasure for years to come, finding one can be a difficult time. Here at Flowers Forever we would like to offer you a unique take on story jewelry. You now get to invest in a piece of jewelry that you will also be able to inject your own personal memories into.

 Not only are each of our piece’s hand crafted by our talented artists, but we also offer you the option of adding your own personal story to each of them. Through our unique method of infusion, we are able to infuse flower petals of your choosing into each piece. Whether it’s your favorite flower, the favorite flower of a loved one, or even a mixture of both, memorialize the memories forever with our jewelry keepsakes.


Not only do we offer the flower infusion option, but we can also infuse the ashes of cremated loved ones, including passed on pets, into the jewelry as well. Assuring that the memory of them live on close to you at all times. These special pieces of keepsake jewelry will be able to stand the test of time and you will be able to treasure them for ages.

 With so many different ways of personalizing the pieces, you’ll need to narrow down which piece of jewelry you would like to choose. Whether you would like to don a ring that you’ll be able to see every day, or the comfortable fit of a bracelet around your wrist, or even the warmth of a necklace hanging over your heart every day, there are options for the style and taste of everyone. Should you choose to forgo any of the previously displayed designs, you can also visit us at to design your own piece of jewelry.

 Should you choose to begin the process of memorializing your story today with Flowers Forever, please feel free to visit us at for more information. Keep your stories and memories close to your heart forever with our jewelry keepsakes. Allow Flowers Forever to be your first step in remembering the rest of  your life.