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Petite Tree of Life and Pearl Flower Petal Pendant

In the wake of losing a loved one, we often try to find meaning in our own lives. We try to make sense of the world around us and rationalize why one of the people we loved the most can’t be with us anymore. These are the hardest of days to endure, and during this period of grief and loss you are sure to feel similar feelings. While you will have good days as well, the days of sadness are inevitable and here at Flowers Forever, we hope that we can help you get through those less than great days with a little more ease.

In many cultures, death is seen as simply another step in the circle of life, and while this may be comforting to some, for others this is a difficult concept to accept. We have designed a piece of remembrance jewelry that we hope helps you make some sense of the circle of life and keep the idea that one day you will be reunited with your loved one close at heart. With our flower petal jewelry petite tree of life and pearl pendant, we now give you a way of keeping those ideas close to you.

Petite Tree of Life and Pearl Pendant - Memorial Jewelry from Flower Petals - My Flowers Forever

With the setting of the pendant, you can have your flower of choosing infused into the background that the tree of life will sit on top of. This unique take on a well-known idea is our way of personalizing the pendant even more for you so that each one is unique to each of our customers’ needs and desires. The pendant is then surrounded on either side by small pearls that complement the layout of the design perfectly, adding even more beauty to your keepsake. The pearls provide a timeless look that you will be able to cherish for years to come and even pass down from generation to generation, ensuring that the memory of your loved one lives on forever.

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