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Pet memorial Jewelry

During our lives we tend to surround ourselves with what makes us happiest. So, what do we do when one of the happiest aspects of our lives passes away? Finding a way to commemorate the passing of your pet isn’t easy. Here at Flowers Forever, we understand that your pets soon become another part of the family and in the wake of their death, it isn’t easy to let go of the happy memories you once shared. We don’t think you should have to.

Instead, we at Flowers Forever offer you a way of preserving the happy memory of your pet for years to come by way of pet memorial jewelry. Whether you choose to cremate your beloved animal and have their ashes infused into the jewelry or instead opt for a simpler pendant, Flowers Forever is not short of options for you to choose from.

You’ll never worry about forgetting all of the memories you were able to make or the happiness your pet brought you when you’re able to have them always literally close to your heart with one of our pendant necklaces. Although nothing can ever replace your cherished pet, we at Flowers Forever hope that the memorial jewelry we can offer you will provide you and your family with some peace of mind and a way of keeping your pets memory alive forever.

You can further personalize your piece of memorial jewelry by designing your own. If you would like to do so, please feel free to visit us on our website at for more information. When it comes to dealing with loss and grief, there is no easy way to do it. We hope to make the process of learning to continue to make happy memories and live your life to the fullest a tad bit more manageable.

Should you find yourself having any more questions about the Bella bead process or about your product you can contact Flowers Forever by phone at (888) 684-3837 or visit us at We put our customers first above everything and with our talented artisans at the ready, we are confident that we can create a piece of memorial jewelry you and your loved one’s will be able to look at as a wonderful heirloom of that will always remind you of all of the life, love, and happiness your pet brought you in the short time that they were part of your life.