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Making Pet Cremation Jewelry

When you get a pet, you take it in knowing that you will outlive them. But that doesn’t keep you from getting emotionally attached, and it doesn’t keep you from grieving when the pet inevitably dies, either by accident or “old age.”

How much you love your pet has nothing to do with how old they were when they passed or how long they were a part of your family. Even if you only have a pet for a year or two, you can easily get attached and never want to let go. We have a solution that will allow you to keep your pet close to you even though they are gone.

Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

There are a lot of different ways you might memorialize your pet once they are gone, and there is no rule saying that you can’t pick more than one. Here are the most common.

  • Create a memorial for them in your home with their collar, favorite toy, and urn with cremains.
  • Turn their dog house into a memorial.
  • Keep a small piece of their collar or favorite blanket embedded in jewelry.
  • Have a small amount of their cremains turned into cremation pet jewelry.

We can easily turn almost anything into resin jewelry, including tufts of pet hair, pieces of fabric, flower petals, or cremains. You will be able to keep a part of your pet with you forever with our durable resin jewelry. But how do we make pet cremation resin beads?

How We Make Pet Cremation Jewelry

There are a few different ways that pet cremation jewelry can be made. A popular method is to have your pets ashes turned into a “diamond,” but this can be very costly. You can get your pet’s ashes turned into long lasting jewelry for much less when you turn them into beads or jewelry.

Some of the resin pet jewelry options we offer are:

We offer these and other options for memorializing your pet in jewelry on our website. Which jewelry you prefer and what you want in the beads will determine which method we use. Our methods may also differ from project to project.

Making a clear resin bead from your mementos.

We can turn a scrap of fabric from your pets collar, bed, blanket, toy, or other items into a clear resin bead. The resin bead is extremely durable after being formed and set, and it will clearly display your pet’s memento. We can even arrange the fabric, flowers, or other keepsakes to form the first letter of your pet's name or other shapes.

Your resin bead will probably be clear, other than the natural colors of the ashes or items that you wanted memorialized. Keep in mind that some color change or fading is possible with this process.

Turning your pet’s ashes into beautiful Bellabeads.

This is by far the best option for most pet owners. BellaBeads are of a higher quality and beauty than clear resin beads. They are more budget friendly than cremation diamonds, but still give you a piece of your pet to carry with you forever.

Bellabeads are formed by mixing your pet’s cremains into a unique compound that will be used to make the beads. After the compound is formed the beads are hand rolled into your desired shape, set into gold or sterling silver, and coated with a non waterproof seal after hardening.

Bellabeads are just as durable as our resin jewelry, but it is much nicer and more likely to be worn outside the house. You can get one bead or multiple for a piece of jewelry. We can make different beads different colors, depending on your preferences. We simply mix some of the color you want into the compound with the ashes.

What makes our pet jewelry unique?

We have a custom process that we use to create jewelry from pet’s ashes, collars, toys, etc. That process allows us to make extremely high quality, long lasting jewelry better for the average person. Even though a cremation diamond might seem like a beautiful idea, most people are more comfortable wearing bead jewelry on a daily basis.

The method we use to create your cremation or memorial jewelry is unique to our services. In addition, because we work with more than just remains, we can provide you with beautiful alternative pieces that give you just the memorial you wanted.

Did you recently lose your pet? We are here for you. We know that this is a difficult time, so we make the process to get your memorial beads with little effort or trouble. Just fill out our order form for the item you want and read the instructions to send your pet’s remains or mementos. Contact us if you have any questions.