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Made to Order Jewelry

When it comes to handmade jewelry, there are many different paths one can take. For Flowers Forever, we specialize in handmade and made to order jewelry. With many different options for our customers to choose from, in many cases what we offer is sufficient. However, we also offer our customers the option to design their own as well.

 At Flowers Forever we offer an extremely unique take on handmade jewelry. Not only do we offer our customers the option of an assortment of handmade jewelry, but we also are able to infuse different types of flower petals into each piece of jewelry giving it an even more personalized essence. Whether you choose your loved one’s favorite flower to be infused and give them the inimitable piece of jewelry as a gift, or instead use the flower petals from the arrangement at a passed on loved one’s service as a remembrance piece of jewelry, your individual needs are sure to be met.

 If memorial jewelry is what you seek, you can personalize your piece even further. Along with the flower petal infusion, you can also include the cremated ashes of your passed on loved ones, keeping them close to you forever more. With so many options at your finger-tips, Flowers Forever is sure to have something for everyone’s style.


Should our designs not be to your liking, then please feel free to visit us on our website at and begin the process of designing your own piece of custom made jewelry today. Flowers Forever would like to be your guiding force when it comes to choosing and designing your made to order jewelry for you to keep as a timeless piece of jewelry forever.

 Once you’ve chosen your piece of jewelry or designed your own, it’s as easy as sending in the flowers should you choose to personalize it even more, and in a few short weeks you’ll receive your Flowers Forever keepsake. If you would like more information on how to place your order with Flowers Forever today, you can visit the main page of our website at or give us a call at (888) 684-3837.