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In Memory of 22mm Charm - Flower Petal Jewelry,

In the wake of losing a loved one, you can often find yourself feeling lost and alone. It’s difficult to find meaning in many aspects of life and it doesn’t tend to get easier for a while. During this time, finding ways of preserving the memory of your loved one can seem challenging, here at Flowers Forever, we hope to give you a beautiful way of keeping the memory of your loved one close to you for the rest of your life.

With our unique memorial jewelry options, you now have access to an even more personalized way of keeping the memories close. We can take your loved one’s favorite flowers and infuse them into personalized pieces of jewelry, all of which are hand crafted by our talented artists. This will add an even more personalized aspect to the keepsake you are receiving.

Flower Petal Jewelry - In Memory Of 22mm Charm - My Flowers Forever

With our In Memory of Charm 22mm, we offer you not only a beautifully hand crafted bead, but also a pendant that can be engraved with simple messages such as a date, a name, or even initials. These beautiful charms are extremely compatible with charm bracelets and with the extra pendant attached to it, you’ll be able to constantly be reminded of all of the wonderful times you shared with your late loved one.

For those seeking options of gifts to give to loved ones, this is an especially beautiful way of letting someone know you are there for them. Whether it means sending in their favorite flowers, or a cluster that came directly from the memorial service, when your loved one receives this spectacularly specific keepsake, it will help to give them a small light of hope during a time that is the most difficult to endure.

Let your loved one’s know you’ll be there with them through their best and most trying times and order your piece of memorial keepsake jewelry today. For more information on how and where to order your piece of keepsake jewelry from Flowers Forever, feel free to visit us at and continue the healing process of grief with us.