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Gifts for loved ones

Throughout our lives we will have many moments that we hope we will never forget, and many others that we may want to forget but will always have to remember. When these moments come and go, Flowers Forever hopes to be the company you turn to when finding original and beautiful ways to remember these times.

With our unique take on memorial jewelry, you’ll never have to worry about finding gifts for loved ones again. Whether it be a graduation, an anniversary or a memorial, you’ll always be able to find a way to preserve those precious times with Flowers Forever. One of the aspects that makes Bellabeads at Flowers Forever so invaluable is the ability of our artisans to infuse flower petals and ashes right into the beads themselves.

This process adds yet another layer to the highly personalized jewelry we offer. With your choice of petals, you can add in vibrant colors from your loved one’s favorite flowers to take the gift one step further. Now that you understand the personalization process of creating your piece of memorial jewelry, you get to peruse your options.

We offer jewelry for all walks of life. Should you wish to commemorate the memory of a pet, we have an arrangement of key chains, necklaces and bracelets all pet personalized for you to choose from. For men we have an assortment of beautiful cufflinks and more to fit whatever style suits you best. Whether you choose a pendant necklace that will hang over your loved one’s heart as a constant reminder of the precious memories you share, or a bracelet that they can don daily, Flowers Forever has you covered.

Nowadays it’s difficult to find gifts that will not only be treasured by your loved one but also a gift that will stand the test of time. Bellabeads jewelry is unlike any other and with such originality comes the unwavering ability of Flowers Forever to proudly stand behind all of the products our artisans craft and present them to you with the utmost certainty they will be exactly what you were looking for. Should you find yourself ready to order your Bellabead jewelry today please visit us at for more information. In hopes of making your memories last a lifetime we hope you’ll trust Flowers Forever to provide you with a tangible keepsake that will only add on to the many joyful memories you and your loved ones already share.