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Flower Preservation Techniques

Flower preservation is one of the oldest art forms in our culture. Flowers have always been used to decorate homes, as they represent a unique beauty unlike no other. Depending on what you plan to use them for you can freeze dry, press, or turn your flowers into a unique piece of art. Each of these methods turns your favorite petals into a remarkable piece of artistic elegance.

People preserve flowers for crafting or to turn their bouquets into memorial keepsakes. This is a popular craft for brides who want to keep their wedding bouquets, or for those who want to preserve flowers they receive after a funeral service. You can preserve flowers using a number of DIY methods, or take them to a florist to have them professionally pressed or freeze dried.

Try some of these flower preservation techniques to turn your favorite petals into a beautiful memorial or keepsake:

Pressing flowers. Flower pressing is a popular crafting project for people of all ages. You can press wildflowers or flowers from a bouquet. To build your own flower press, you’ll need a couple pieces of plywood, a drill, and screws, and pieces of cardboard and wax paper to protect your flowers. After you’ve placed your flowers on the wax paper, you cover them with cardboard and in between the two wooden boards. Then you can screw the boards tightly together to create the press. After a few weeks, your flowers are perfectly preserved!

You can also have your flowers professionally pressed, arranged and framed by a florist. To learn more about Victorian pressed flowers and framing,click here.

Flower preservation solutions. Flower pressing is a popular DIY technique, but you can’t retain the petal colors as well. To keep the shape, color, and texture of your flowers, you can try a preservation solution. You can soak your flowers in a silica solution, heating them to take out the moisture without losing color or shape. You can then use your preserved flowers in a variety of decorations and craft projects.

Freeze drying. Freeze drying is one of the best methods for preserving flowers. It keeps the color, shape, and texture of the petals just like using a silica solution. Many florists offer this service and can turn your flowers into a beautiful freeze-dried arrangement. Freeze drying is used if you want tocreate ornaments or tabletop arrangements. You can also frame your freeze dried flowers with portraits, family photos or other sentimental photographs.

Other creative uses for flower petals. Flower pressing and drying are techniques used by florists for many years. But, some florists are using other creative methods for turning flower petals into custom art. My flowers Forever - Bellabeads uses flower petals to make custom jewelry. We use the petals to create a paste, which is then turned into a beautiful charm bead. Our flower petal jewelry is one-of-a-kind and handmade. There are hundreds of ways you can turn your favorite flowers into wearable art!

Shop our flower petal jewelry collection or ourflower preservation services. We are happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right way to preserve your flowers.