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Flower Petal Jewelry and Round Charm Beads

After losing a loved one it can feel as though you are missing a part of who you are. It’s one of the most difficult things we as human beings have to endure and as the days go on, you will only miss them more and more. With such difficult days lying ahead, it’s hard to see the promise of better days. There is this desire to keep moving forward in life, but also this impending fear of forgetting precious memories and moments that you shared with your late loved one. Grappling with this balance of remembrance and need to move forward can be a very difficult task. Here at Flowers Forever we would like to offer you a unique way of remembering your loved one for the years to come.

We offer a unique way of commemorating the memory of your loved one. By way of preservation jewelry you now have the ability to take your loved one’s favorite flowers and turn them into a piece of jewelry that you can keep forever. With our talented artists ready to hand craft your charm beads, each piece of jewelry is irreplaceable and tailored to your specific desires.

Charm Beads from Flower Petals - My Flowers Forever

With our special technique of infusing the flower petals into the round beads, we are able to craft jewelry that is specifically personal to you and your family. You’ll be able to create multiple beads for charm bracelets, or even just one that you have a special connection with. Here at Flowers Forever, we would love to offer you this unique way of keeping the memory of your loved one alive. You’ll be able to take these pieces of memorial jewelry and pass them down for generations to come, ensuring that the essence of your loved one lives on.

With our flower petal, charm bead, round designs, with the purchase of your first one, you get the second one for a fraction of the price. Ensuring that creating your perfect memorial jewelry bracelet is just as affordable as it is beautiful. For more information on ordering your piece of memorial jewelry today,click here and begin the healing process today.