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Floral Arrangements by Season

Floral arrangements provide the perfect centerpiece to so many occasions, including weddings and other celebrations. They also make great gifts and can be used as a token of gratitude. With all the countless options, the problem is deciding which flower, arrangement, or bridal bouquet is ideal for any given moment.

One particularly helpful trick is to look at the floral arrangements that are in-season for your festivities. Depending on the time of the year, some flowers will be in bloom, while others won’t. For example, if you want japanese flowers like cherry blossoms, you’ll need to plan your event for the spring. Even so, you will likely still need to contact your local florist to ask about their inventory, as well as price, both of which are important considerations.

With that in mind, take a look below at the lists of flowers that are in-season for the spring, summer, fall/autumn, and winter months. As you scroll through and make your decision, keep in mind that you’ll want to preserve your floral arrangements for the future, which can also help you to narrow down your choices.

What Flowers Are in Season This Season?

Below is a season by season list of the different flowers that are available at every time of year: spring, summer, fall/autumn, and winter. Next to each flower you will find the primary colors of that variety.

Please note that if there are specific months you need to be aware of, we’ve listed those as well. Flowers without listed months should generally be available for that entire season.

Spring: Flowers That Bloom in the Springtime

The spring months are a period of renewal and transition. The cold frost of winter melts away to reveal the beautiful and vibrant color of spring. Because of this, there are a number of excellent flowers that bloom during this time of year.

  1. Anemone: Red, Pink, Blue and White — from January to May; from August to December
  2. Bells of Ireland: Green — from January to October
  3. Casa Blanca Lily / Lilies: White — from January to October
  4. Chocolate Cosmos: Brownish Red
  5. Daffodil: Yellow — from January-Early May
  6. Delphinium: Blue & White — from April to October
  7. Foxglove: Pink & White
  8. Heuchera: Purple, Pink, and Red
  9. Hyacinth: Pink, Purple, or White
  10. Lilacs: White or Violet
  11. Narcissus: White
  12. Peony / Peonies: Pink or White — from Late Spring to Early Summer
  13. Ranunculus: White, Red, Pink, Yellow, and Orange — from February to May
  14. Star Gazer Lily / Lilies: White and Pink — from January to October
  15. Sweet pea / Sweet peas: White, Pink, Coral/Red, and Purple/Lavender — from December to May
  16. Tulip: Lots of different colors, such as Pink, White, Yellow, Red, and Purple — from December to April
  17. Waxflower: White, Pink, and Purple

Summer: The Floral Arrangements Best Suited for Warmer Days

This is the hottest time of the whole year. Thankfully, the long, warm months of summer bring with them verdant growth and an ideal environment for plants and flowers to blossom and bloom. If your wedding day or other event is planned for the summer, any of these flowers would be a great choice for your festivities.

  1. Alstroemeria: Cream, Orange, Pink, and Yellow
  2. Astilbe: White, Purple, Pink, and Red
  3. Bells of Ireland: Green — from January to October
  4. Calla Lilies: White — from June to July
  5. Chrysanthemum: White, Orange, Pink, and Yellow
  6. Clematis: Purple, Red, Pink
  7. English Lavender: Purple (with Green)
  8. Forget-me-not / Forget-me-nots: Blue
  9. Freesia: White, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Yellow
  10. Garden Rose: Every major color
  11. Gerbera Daisy / Daisies: Orange, Yellow, Red, Pink, and White
  12. Hydrangeas: White, Blue, Purple, and Pink
  13. Iris / Irises: Purple, Blue, and White
  14. Larkspur: White, Purple, Blue, and Pink
  15. Lisianthus: Purple, White, Pink
  16. Matsumoto Asters: Pink & Purple
  17. Mock Orange: White (with Yellow/Orange Center)
  18. Monte Casino Asters: White & Purple
  19. Queen Anne's Lace: White
  20. Snap dragon / Snapdragons: Pink, Yellow, Orange, and White
  21. Solidaster: Yellow
  22. Statice: Purple
  23. Stock: White
  24. Sunflowers: Yellow
  25. Tuberose: White
  26. Yarrow: White, Pink, and Yellow

Fall/Autumn: Flowers That Bloom in Fall

Autumn is known as the time when trees start to shed their leaves. But the fall months also contain a bountiful supply of gorgeous flowers that look fantastic in practically floral arrangement. Regardless of the occasion, you’re sure to find the right flower for your personal aesthetic right here.

  1. Aster: White & Pink
  2. Chrysanthemum: White, Yellow, Orange, Pink
  3. Crabapple: Red & Green
  4. Dahlia: Many Colors
  5. Marigold: Yellow, Orange, and Red
  6. Statice: Purple
  7. Zinnia: Red, Pink, and Orange

Winter: Floral Arrangements for Your Winter Event

With Thanksgiving and Christmas in sight, the winter months offer a unique collection of flowers. Whether you’re throwing a holiday party or a winter wedding, there’s more than enough options to choose from. Take your pick of these cool flowers, and throw a winter party to remember!

  1. Amaryllis: Red & White
  2. Anemone: Blue, Pink, Red, and White — from January to May and August to December
  3. Bells of Ireland: Green — from January to October
  4. Camellias: White & Pink
  5. Casa Blanca Lily / Lilies: White — from January to October
  6. Cosmos: Pink, White, and Brown
  7. Daffodils: Yellow — from January to Early May
  8. Forget-me-nots: Blue
  9. Holly: Green (with Red Berries)
  10. Jasmine: White
  11. Love in a Mist: Blue, Pink, White
  12. Narcissus: Yellow, White
  13. Poinsettia: Red, White
  14. Poppy Pods: Green
  15. Ranunculus: White, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Red — from February to May
  16. Stargazer Lily: Pink & White — from January to October
  17. Star of Bethlehem: White
  18. Sweetpea: White, Pink, Coral/Red, Purple/Lavender — from December to May
  19. Tulips: Every major color — from December to April
  20. Waxflowers: Pink, White

How to Preserve Your Seasonal Floral Arrangement

After your festivities have concluded, naturally you will want to make sure your precious flowers and personalized arrangements are preserved for the future. In order to make this happen, you will need to safely stow away whatever flowers you want to preserve. This is the most important step in order to prevent damage or loss.

Next, you will need to ship your cut flowers to us as quickly as possible. During the warmer months, our recommendation is to send us the arrangement the very next day. During the cooler months, 2-3 days after the conclusion of your event is fine.

Getting your arrangement to us quickly ensures that you can maintain the vibrancy and life of your flowers as they begin the process of transitioning into a unique and beautiful work of art, a memento you can save forever.

For help getting the process just right, get in touch with us at My Flowers Forever. We take pride in making sure that your priceless keepsakes can be treasured for the rest of your life. Call or email us today to get started and preserve your wedding flowers or event arrangement perfectly.