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Designing You Own Jewelry

Designing your own jewelry affords the excellent possibility of creating something wholly unique.  Whether you choose to create a bespoke piece for you or someone close to you, the freedom and expression of designing an item doesn’t need to be a trial and the result can be breathtaking.

Design for Yourself

Choosing an item of jewelry for yourself is a wonderful journey. It is a piece of wearable art that represents who you are, appeals to your personal taste and will last a lifetime. Being able to intelligently design that item is another step in this personalization, meaning you are creating something completely individual, one of a kind and made to your own exacting style.  

Design for Others

Giving jewelry as a gift is a personalized experience from the very beginning. You are presenting someone with an item which you hope they will wear every day; something that will become part of their character, routine and personality. Important events like weddings and birthdays are marked with the giving of jewelry; this tradition goes back hundreds of years because jewelry is important not only due to its value but also because of its emotional significance. Designing an item of jewelry for someone else is the ultimate way to show your care. You are able to not only choose the item, but also to create and design every detail of it to match your loved ones taste, creating a treasure they will cherish forever.

One of a Kind

So what does it mean to design your own jewelry and how do you do it? Thankfully, many different artists can be found to assist you and ensure your item is exceptional.  At My Forever Flowers, there are several options to choose from; the classically elegant silver spoon bracelet, the flower petal Ansley necklace and bracelet to name just a few. We always pride ourselves on being at the top of the style game, so be on the lookout for new items.

How Does it Work?

Firstly, you choose the overall style of your item; perhaps a charm bracelet with an initial engraved onto it, like the Willow flower petal bracelet. Then you select the size of the item and decide how many charms/beads the bracelet will hold depending on your taste. Next, you design the color scheme; this can be one hue across all the beads, an artistic mix in each one, or a pattern that differs from bead to bead. Bellabeads are made using petals from flowers, so to further personalize it you can use your favorite flowers from your garden or from an important event in your life. The jeweler will then carefully craft your own bespoke piece of jewelry, made especially for you and based on your directions. The finished item is a treasured piece of aesthetically beautiful work that you will no doubt adore for many years to come.