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Cremation Jewelry for Men

Cremation jewelry is the process of designing and constructing a commemorative artifact which includes the flower petals from the funeral or memorial, and if wanted some of the ashes of a loved one.  Jewelry artists, metalworkers and flower preservation specialists come together to create unique pieces, personal to each individual, that are as special and distinct as the person they represent. This type of remembrance has oft in the past been seen as a way for only women to be able to remember the ones they have lost. Nowadays, that does not need to be the case.  Memorial jewelry is now available in masculine styles that thoughtfully memorialize those you have lost, just as their female counterparts do.

Just because a person is male does not mean that they don’t feel as acutely the sorrow of loss, nor that they don’t want a way to respectfully remember those they love the most. Cremation jewelry is the perfect way for you to honor those who have passed away, leaving you with a memento to carry with you at all times serving as a reminder of your loved one. This type of jewelry is also a truly personal gift that shows your empathy and understanding for the men in your life: your brother, father, husband, son or friends. You can sensitively provide them with a beautiful reminder of that important person in their life, making it possible for them to carry that person with them always.


Cremation jewelry for men comes in many forms to suit all types of people and personalities. A ring set with a stone carefully constructed using the petals from the memorial service is a thoughtful gift that can be worn daily, or just on occasion. Cufflinks are another beautiful item that can be personalized for your loved one. Other jewelry pieces that can be lovingly handcrafted to honor those who are no longer with us include a silver-plated bookmark with bespoke memorial beads, an elegant tie bar or pin, a monogrammed, beautifully-designed keychain, even a delicate sunbeam catcher or money clip. All of these pieces can be designed and handmade using the selected flower petals from the memorial service and the ashes if desired.

There is a wealth of different items to choose from for every kind of person; the important thing is it suits the personality of the recipient and is made to the highest level in order to preserve the memory of those we have loved and lost.